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Invite Jay to speak at a men’s outreach, marriage weekend, women’s event, parenting seminar, staff meeting, "Lunch & Learn," school assembly, fundraiser, writers' conference, or Sunday service.

Topics may include parenting, marriage, conflict resolution, finding your sweet spot in life, creativity, truths learned while in pursuit of other truths, or deciphering God’s bucket list for your life.

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Speaking topics include:

26 Things Kids Need from a Dad (based on Jay’s book)
Laugh through true stories with lots of user-friendly takeaways. Jay never bashes dads. After all, God designed fatherhood to be a blessing and a blast. Includes video clips of classic movies.

What Your Wife Needs from You (for men, based on Jay’s book)
Put her needs first and you both win! That’s not being a wimp. That’s servant leadership. Fall on the grenade. Push her buttons. Kiss in the kitchen. Make her beautiful. Be a hero.

Your Husband Has Secrets (for women, based on Jay’s book)
Men have secrets women need to know. We actually like to cuddle. We have flaws and want your help. We need you to chase your dreams. We don’t need sex every night. Plus, learn the four words that capture our heart.

Hooray for Grandparents! (based on Jay’s 2022 book)
Hey Papa, Grammy, Gramps, and Nana! Get 22 fresh strategies you can use today for giving love, receiving love, leaving a legacy, and being a rock star to your entire family. Does your church have a Senior’s group?  Invite me over.

Loving Kids at All Ages and Stages (for moms and dads)
No more terrible twos. No more teen angst. You really can appreciate each season of life. Stories, laughs, lessons, warnings, and reminders that we are all in this together. And it’s often wise to take the long view!

Dad Secrets/Mom Secrets/Kid Secrets (for families to hear together)
Learn these secrets and life gets easier. Kids feel loved and empowered.  Moms feel cherished and appreciated.  Dads feel heard and respected. Joy overflows. Caring and kindness rule the day.

The Next Verse (based on Jay’s 2022 book)
You have a few favorite verses from the Bible.  But do you know the NEXT VERSE?  When you catch the context, you’ll be surprised and provoked by 17 Bible passages you thought you knew!

Find Your Sweet Spot (based on Jay’s book, The Prayer of Agur)
A quirky, obscure character named Agur wrote one chapter in the Bible and gave us the only prayer in all of Proverbs: “Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.” (Proverbs 30:8) Are you seeking balance? Contentment? Purpose? Find it with Jay and Agur.

When Did J*sus Become a Dirty Word?
The world mocks Jesus. Saying you believe in God is barely acceptable, but say you follow Christ and you’re labeled a “hater.” By the way, do all those books with the asterisks in the title make you wince? Me, too!

The Four Factors for De-escalating Conflict (based on Jay’s book, Don’t Take the Bait to Escalate)
Calm the culture wars. Turn conflicts into victories. Apply the “Four Factors” to get that raise, heal your marriage, make new friends, stop World War III, get your teen to talk, resolve conflict with your neighbor, and more!

What If God Wrote Your Bucket List? (based on Jay’s book)
Typical bucket list items—bungee jumping, swim with dolphins, see the Eiffel Tower—are meaningless compared to what God has planned for you. It’s time to pour out your old bucket . . . and live full!

Foster Care: Love Them Best
Rita and Jay have fostered 10 newborns.  And the lessons we learned overflow: There’s no such thing as an unwanted baby. How to swaddle. You can love cocaine out of a baby. The church needs to lead the way on love. Applaud adoption. Pierce the darkness.

“Be Like Linus” and other Christmas Musings (A holiday engagement)
For any group, business, or ministry holiday gathering. Life lessons include: Be a Great Present Opener. Survive Your In-Laws. Break Open the Oil Paints. Hold Traditions Tightly Until It’s Time to Let Them Go. Be Like Linus. Pray Straw Into the Manger.

WordSport with Jay Payleitner
Etymology (the study of word origins) is a gateway to creativity. After looking at the history of everyday words — such as smog, scuba, sideburns, alligator, ukulele, marathon, leotard, Frisbee — we’ll use parallel thinking to brainstorm answers to a question facing your staff or organization.

Intentional Storytelling
In this talk, Jay engages the audience with a batch of stories. Then rewinds to explain why they were so engaging!  Stories need to: Make a promise to readers. Grab early buy in. Use dynamics. Honor creative license. Ignore 20% of the audience. Follow rabbit trails. Shatter conventional wisdom. Avoid autopilot. Beware of dramatic crutches. Invite participation. Maybe…go for the big finish!

14 Book Writing Secrets I Don’t Want to Tell You
Listen to Jay’s own roller-coaster journey that led to 38 book contracts. Discover 14 truths on creativity, tenacity, getting an agent, surviving as a writer/speaker, and unconventional ways to get your own book published.

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Typical Men's Retreat (Four Talks)

A challenge for men to see how God’s values are more satisfying than the world’s.  Or what’s more important “Swimming with Sharks” or “Leaving a Legacy"?

Surprising, fun, encouraging, and practical hints for connecting with the next generation.  Valuable for granddads, father figures, and future dads as well.

How to move from your good plan to God’s great plan.  Can include a clear gospel presentation.

Secrets and truths learned over the years.  Stuff all guys need to hear.  Including newlyweds, older married guys, singles, and so on.  (Alternate Title: Less nagging, More romance.)

(Ask about a similar outline for marriage retreats, writer's conferences, team-building weekends.)

Talks are customized for your event. Included are giveaways, powerpoint, Q&A, and a book signing.
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