Vacation Haiku

Dear Fellow Sojourners:

Wisdom for the road.  No charge.  If inspired, feel free to write your own.  Remember 5-7-5.


Whose voice is that anyway?

Why do truck stops sell
Sushi? (You know it’s raw fish?)
At room temperature

When you tell a kid
We’re stopping at a greasy spoon
They actually check the spoon.

When I’m on the road.
I’m almost never disgusted by a
McDonald’s bathroom.

“Who will go for us?”
“Here I am. Send me!”
Isaiah six, eight.

On the road I think
I eat beef jerky and combos
More than when I’m home.

There is one thing worse
Than endless construction zones.
Tailgating semis.


Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick.
How old’s the kid one row back?
Really? He’s 30?

You can push all day.
In the overhead compartment.
Your bag still won’t fit.

At the baggage claim
If we all took three steps back
Everyone could see!


We pitched the tent, but . . .
If you still hear the highway
Is it real camping?

Words that bring rejoicing.
“This campground has flush toilets!”
We may stay a week!

Camping reveals why
Forty years in the desert.
Was a bit frustrating.

If you think you are
A pup tent or a tepee.
Relax! You’re too tense.

Bears at Yellowstone
Are fond of kids in sleeping bags
They’re like jelly donuts.


In your travels, please.
At all truckstops and airports.
Look to find my books.

May your summer journeys be safe, enlightening, and a total blast,

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