The Unforgettable Needlepoint Metaphor

Right now, you and I really can’t have an eternal, omniscient perspective. That’s probably a good thing because seeing our entire future ahead of us would blow our minds.

That’s also why, when we’re struggling with how and why God allows bad things to happen, the needlepoint metaphor comes in real handy.

Think about a cross stitch or needlepoint design. Maybe even pull one off the wall. On the front, there’s a charming garden scene or a few well-chosen words of wisdom. But turn it over and you’ll see a tangled zig-zag of knots and loose threads that seem to make no sense.

It’s the same grand design, but from two differing viewpoints.  

Well, the same thing happens when we compare our perspective with God’s. Our messy lives are filled with loose threads, zig-zags, and knots. Times when we’ve lost our way, changed our minds, or stopped in our tracks. But the view from above – a heavenly perspective we cannot possibly have – reveals perfect order.

Even better, at the end of our lives, we will see how God’s handiwork comes together and makes perfect sense.

Until then, we’ll have to trust the Creator to keep crafting the story of our lives. Occasionally we’ll get a glimpse of his entire plan, but only if we look around and acknowledge the beauty and glory of this world he created to be our temporary home. That awareness will keep us encouraged and productive until he takes us to our even more magnificent heavenly home.”

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