Teach Your Kids to Multitask

Dear Moms and Dads:

Have you taught your kids to make efficient use of their downtime? It’s a valuable life skill. In more ways than one.

Some examples:

*Instead of perching like a drooling gargoyle in front of the microwave while waiting for their popcorn or oatmeal, tell them to make themselves useful. In 90 seconds, they could wipe down the kitchen counter, shake the crumbs out of the toaster, scrub a pot, or empty the top rack of the dishwasher.

*While waiting for the bathtub to fill or shower water to get hot, how about making sure the top is on the toothpaste, hanging up a towel, straightening the countertop, or even replacing the empty toilet paper roll?

*While waiting at the doorway for the dog to do its business, your youngster could bring in the mail, sweep the front porch, or actually notice and pick up the McDonald’s wrapper that blew into your yard. Is that too much to expect? (Maybe.)

This lesson introduces your kids to the concept of multitasking or doing two things at once. Which — if you choose — can lead into a spiritual conversation about 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (ESV) which tells us to, “Pray without ceasing.”

That idea may sound impossible to your children, until they understand that prayer doesn’t require you to close your eyes and fold your hands. That’s a wonderful submissive posture, but you can’t go through life with your eyes closed. And prayer should be an ongoing part of everything we do.

Here’s the point. Prayer allows your kids to be connected with the Creator of the Universe at every moment of every day. (What a privilege!) Every time they punch the buttons on the microwave, turn on the shower, or let the dog out they have the perfect opportunity for a quick prayer of gratitude. “Thank you for this food…thank you for hot water…thank you for Barkley.”

When your kids learn they have the ability to pray without ceasing, suddenly they are not just doubling their productivity, they’re discovering a new way of life.

Even as they bike to the park, set up their gaming console, spread peanut butter, clean the fish tank, or torment their little sister, they have the ability to be in constant communication with God! That goes beyond gratitude to include worship, confession, and seeking God’s will. Your children will discover that consistent and constant prayer doesn’t just double their productivity. It gives them access to the power to move mountains.

Be the Mom. Be the Dad.


  • If this is a book direct my so I can buy it. What a great idea!

    • Hi Carol:
      I have these books in stock. So just swing by.


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