Talked a while with all five of my kids in the last 48 hours

Here’s the context. Rita is out of town for a few days. Hanging out in Phoenix with a couple of old friends from high school. Me, I’m just trying to catch up on publisher deadlines and hustle some speaking gigs before turning on the TV for company.

Not sure this was planned. But I had nice conversations with all five of my adult children in the last two days.

Alec called me Tuesday night and we talked for an hour. For the sixth year, the restaurant he owns with his bride, Lindsay, has had another very successful summer. Despite COVID. They’re in the home stretch for the summer season, staying open through October. If you’re ever in Saugatuck, Michigan late Spring through early Fall stop by their two restaurants that share a kitchen, GROW and The Trap. You won’t be sorry. Tell them Jay sent you. You may get a free stack of carrot pancakes.

Earlier Tuesday, I went to one of Jackson’s fall ball games. Eight and nine year old boys. It’s a beautiful thing. They’re just starting to get to that next level. Understanding the complexities and subtleties of the game. And their skills are kicking in at just the right time. I stood with Jackson’s dad, Max, behind the home team bench sharing memories and commenting on the action on the field. All positive. Hard to imagine, but it’s the same field I watched Max play on two decades ago.

Rae Anne was also at Jack’s game. She loves baseball more than anyone i know. Plus, I spoke with Rae a couple additional times on the phone this week. One of those conversations was with my agent — actually our agent — because Rae Anne and I are writing a book together!

Last night, Rae had her own rec league softball game. Randall and his family showed up to cheer on Auntie Ra-Ra — with Chipotle for me! We found a picnic table just twenty feet from the first base line. Nothing is more fun than sharing a meal with Randall and his family. I love seeing my grandsons develop their comedic skills.

An hour ago, seemingly out of the blue, Isaac called from his car on the way to his own softball game down in Peoria. Just to catch up. That 15-minute conversation cemented this amazing awareness of how lucky I am.

FYI: The photo above is from my 40th birthday.

My final thought is this. Somehow this fathering deal fell in place for me. (It may have something to do with the woman I married and God’s undeserved favor.) In my books, I share stories with takeaways about all five of these kids. You may want to take note. Especially if you’re in the middle of diapers, carpools, curfews, and your own sport adventures.

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