Pokemon Go For It!


This is not an endorsement for Pokemon Go.  I think it’s probably harmless.  I know it has gotten literally millions of young people to go outside and walk around.  (That’s a good thing.)  And I know some parents and kids are hunting for Pikachu, Squirtle, and other Pokemon characters together. (That’s a great thing.)

Apparently, the app already has more active users than Twitter. (And it’s only been available for a week!)

For now, the downside of Pokemon Go seems to be that kids are tripping on curbs, walking into each other, trespassing, and venturing into unfamiliar neighborhoods. Like so many fads, a dark side will soon be revealed.

Mom and Dad, I recommend you use it to enter the lives of your kids. Even older kids. Even young adult kids. Just go ahead and say, “What is going on with this Pokemon Go thing?” Then, let your kids be your teacher. That’s a great parenting strategy.

In the meantime, I clearly used the Pokemon Go phenomenon to get your attention. And now that you’re thinking about kids and summer, you’ll want to click on this little video I made a few years ago. It’s called, “There’s Nothing to Do.”

Now go hang out with your kids!

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