My Favorite Family Photo Hint

Take two-person photos.

The next Payleitner family photo will have 18 people in it – me, my bride, our five kids, four daughters-in-law, and seven grandkids.

Like you, I have an amazingly handsome family. But I already know how that large group photo will turn out. Not everyone will look great, but that’s okay because no one will look terrible. Also, the photo won’t quite capture the personalities of each individual. Still, I recommend you absolutely make sure to arrange for occasional large family photos.

That being said, in honor of National Camera Day, I offer this alternative idea that will help you capture unique moments in time you’ll cherish forever. Intentionally take two-fers. I’m talking about single pics that catch two members of the family in a moment of joy, introspection, or adventure. We have several of them nicely framed on Rita’s dresser. Randy waist high in the Atlantic Ocean with Rae Anne standing on his shoulders. Three-year old Isaac listening to Max’s tummy with one of those yellow and blue Fisher-Price stethoscopes. Oldest son and youngest son in profile on a hillside. Isaac walking with Rae on her first day of Kindergarten.

This idea is especially important if you have a bigger family and it applies to extended family members as well. Two-person photos become a connecting point for those two individuals. Whether it’s a grandma nuzzling a newborn. Cousins who happened to be the same age. Or adult siblings who don’t see each other as often as they might like. Don’t be surprised when those photos become favorite posts acknowledging milestones over social media.

Yes, take group shots. And solo shots. But never hesitate to hold up your camera or smartphone and say, “Hey, you two! Pretend like you like each other.”

Be well,

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