I never said it WAS a problem.

I understand why people no longer smile at strangers or initiate conversations when waiting in line. Most people are either texting or wearing earbuds.

But I don’t understand why no ever says, “You’re welcome” anymore. Never. Ever.

If I leave the house and visit a dozen retail or dining establishments, I may say,“Thank you,” twenty times. At a check out. To a server. When helped by a clerk.

The response is always, “No problem.” Go ahead. Start keeping track.

In my blogs, books, and talks, I work hard to give answers. I typically call them “Takeaways.” Those are concepts you can use to make your life better.

But in this post I am just pointing out a recent cultural phenomenon.

Have you noticed the same thing? Is it part of the nasty slide toward indifference and selfishness? Or am I making a big deal about nothing?

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