Four stand-alone talks ready to go. Any group. Any size. Any honorarium.

I just finished a stretch where I delivered 11 talks in four weeks. On a variety of topics. For diverse groups. At a rustic lodge, packed classroom, library, state-of-the-art auditorium, and several churches.  

Great fun. Rewarding. Soul-satisfying. Exhausting.

In the process, I’ve identified four polished talks. Already written. Audience tested. Ready to go at a moment’s notice. (Or sometime down the road.) If you’re a person of influence, choose one for your Sunday service, men’s group, business alliance, Rotary or Kiwanis club, Golden Agers, staff team building, nonprofit fundraiser, or volunteer banquet.  

 (based on Jay’s book Don’t Take the Bait to Escalate)
Conflict is everywhere. And playing nice is not always easy. But there is a way to turn conflicts with customers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family into victories. This talk introduces the FOUR FACTORS and reveals strategies that will have you looking forward to your next conflict with optimism and purpose. During the last 20 minutes of this talk, Jay’s asks for “any current conflict” from the audience and together you . . . solve them!


As granddad of eight, Jay earned the right to write this book for Chronicle Publishing. This talk delivers fresh strategies you can use today for giving love, receiving love, marking milestones, dispelling stereotypes, leaving a legacy, and being a rock star to your entire family. (Jay’s grandkids call him “Chief.”) For church audiences, Jay finishes with vital strategies on leaving a legacy of faith to your grandkids.

(Inspired by Jay’s dozen books on raising a family)
Somehow Jay and Rita raised five awesome kids. Along the way, they picked up scores of sneaky tactics moms and dads can use at every age and stage. Discover how to make memories, survive road trips, help kids find their giftedness, stop tantrums, raise star students, and have fun along the way. Guaranteed takeaways include how to love and be loved.

 (based on Jay’s book, The Prayer of Agur)
Wonderfully engaging for a Sunday service or any biblically-savvy group. Do you know Agur? The quirky, obscure character who wrote a single chapter in the Bible and gave us the only prayer in all of Proverbs: “Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.” (Prov 30:8) That prayer will help your congregation or audience find balance, contentment, and purpose! 

Please note: All four talks are driven by biblical truths. But the first three I can tone down the scripture references for any business, club, civic organization, or school.

My schedule has somewhat opened up. So here’s the deal. Cover my travel expenses, scrape together a modest honorarium, and let’s pick a date.  (Also, of course, I have other talks and do multi-talk retreats.)

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