For Pastors Only: Two surprising weeks on finding balance, contentment, and purpose.

Dear Pastor:

Good news. is offering a two-part sermon series inspired by Proverbs 30 and my book, The Prayer of Agur. (Multnomah, 2020, Forward by Josh McDowell)

My informal poll suggests most pastors have never spoken on Agur’s prayer, “Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.” (Proverbs 30:8)

Agur is one of those quirky biblical characters who often gets overlooked. But let’s give him credit! He wrote an entire chapter that somehow made it into God’s Book and it includes the only prayer in all of Proverbs. Agur’s message seems to be especially valuable here in 2020. And it will give your flock a chance to discover God’s Sweet Spot for their lives.

If you’ve previously used SermonCentral, you know they deliver affordable user-friendly packages that include customizable sermons, slide decks, presentation videos, and promo resources.

Curious? Check it out at

Or here’s an idea. Have me (the author) come out and speak on The Prayer of Agur for your weekend services. That’d be a blast. Just let me know!

Finally, if you’re really considering speaking on this topic, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the book. No charge.

Oh yeah, there’s also a free 5-Day Devotional on The Prayer of Agur you may want to offer to your small groups.

Questions? Drop me a note or call me: 630-377-7899.

Delighted to partner with you,

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