“Each one should carry their own load.” –Galatians 6:5

Holding a new book with your name on the cover is always a rush. And humbling.

I’ve done it 38 times before…but this one is different.

Almost everyone who opens this weekly blogpost has read one or two of my books. So you know my goal is to leverage scriptural truths to enrich, enliven, and enhance our lives here on earth.

With each short chapter, the reader smiles, reflects, cringes, shakes their head, and makes a choice to become a better parent, spouse, grandparent, co-worker, leader, or friend. And it works!

This book—Checking the Boxes Only You Can Check—is not about you. It’s about making the world a better place. It’s about taking on the yoke of Jesus. Learning from him. Leaning into God’s promise to give our lives purpose on behalf of this world and the next.

This is also my first book that is only for Christians. You are well aware that the mainstream culture is trashing Christians. They claim we’re narrow minded, hate-filled, and don’t care about the world. But you and I know that’s just not true.

Join me as—together—we flip that script. We model love. We connect the generations. We defy the lions. We feed the enemy. We stop making excuses. We throw starfish.

In other words, we check the boxes God has put right in front of us.

Are you with me? On Amazon, the book is $12.95. I’m hoping you can swing that. When it arrives later this month, do me solid and leave an honest review.

Thank you. Thank you so much

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