Dads & Star Wars

Hi Friends:

So last week I took my daughter, Rae, to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have three follow up thoughts to share.  (No worry, no spoilers here.)

First, there were a lot of other middle-aged guys accompanied by their teenage or college age son or daughter in the theatre. Of course, the movie has been out for ten days and that probably wasn’t the make up of the audience on opening night. But, if you’re looking for an excuse to hang out with your maturing son or daughter, invite them to an evening of Star Wars VII. Even if they’ve already seen it, they’ll probably let you buy tickets and even sit in the same row with you. If mom wants to come along, that’s fine. But there will always be great value in dad/kid outings.

Second, the young fearless heroine in the movie is “Rey.”  And that brought a chuckle from both me and my daughter, “Rae.”  (Who also happens to be fearless.)

Third, the entire Star Wars franchise is a constant reminder of the power of legacy and fatherhood. Just as “The Force” is passed on from generation to generation, so to are values such as integrity, love, respect, generosity, humility, and faith. (Rage, jealousy, abuse, and sloth also gets passed on, but let’s not go there)

That’s my thought to close out the year. (Feel free to forward this post to your son or daughter as an invite to see the movie.)

Finally, if you’d like to start 2016 strong, why not take a serious look at your bucket list?  My book What If God Wrote Your Bucket List? might be a good place to start.

Every blessing,

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