What if God Wrote your Bucket List?

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What If God Wrote Your Bucket List?

52 Things You Don't Want To Miss

Go bungee jumping. Tango. See the Eiffel Tower. Swim with sharks.

Bucket lists can get pretty crazy! But what if God wanted you to think even further outside the box? To pattern your life after the one who said some pretty crazy things himself: “Love your enemies.” “Store up treasures in heaven.” “Seek first his kingdom and righteousness.”

If you checked every item off your bucket list, would your life be complete? In these pages you’ll find 52 items to help you revamp your must-do list…

Run with scissors. Bounce off brick walls. Celebrate quirks.

Banish grudges. Dodge counterfeit happiness. Peek into dark corners.

Get fired. Enlist invisible reinforcements. Get nose-to-nose with an alligator.

As you check off God’s bucket list, you may find yourself doing things you never thought possible. Jay Payleitner helps you get your priorities straight with the most important relationship in your life—you and God.


Harvest House Publishers

Praise for What If God Wrote Your Bucket List?

  • "Between the easy-to-read stories and observations, Jay delivers the kind of insight that helps give purpose to our time on earth. Keep reading and be ready to experience the abundant life Jesus promises."

    - Josh McDowell, author of 'More Than a Carpenter', and 'The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict'
  • "When you're as old as I am, you need to keep your bucket list short and doable. I've just junked the bucket list I had and have found a much better one in Jay's book. This isn't one of those books that make you feel guilty about things you probably can't do. It's a practical, biblical, grace-filled, and fun way to live out your walk with Christ. Read this book and you, with me, will rise up and call Jay blessed. It might even change your life."

    - Steve Brown, radio broadcaster, seminary professor, and author of 'Three Free Sins: God's Not Mad at You'


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