Moms Bringing Out Best (COVER)

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Moms Bringing Out the Best in Dads

Teaming Up to Help Your Family Thrive

Mom, your husbands needs your help to be the best dad he can be.

Only you can best applaud and affirm the unique role he plays in your children’s lives and hearts. This book will encourage you to…

  • work and communicate with your husband to protect, shepherd, and empower your kids
  • nudge, sweet-talk, and motivate each other on this mission that must not fail
  • understand and appreciate your husband’s unique talents as a father
  • see your own value and how your gifts can serve as a complement to his

You can do this…together! This book is a heartfelt celebration of the loving dads who are excited to invest in their families, and the self-assured moms who inspire their husbands to become the fathers they’ve always wanted to be.

Like many of Jay’s books, you’ll enjoy 52 easy-to-read chapters. Some serious. Some silly. All with valuable takeaways.

Also available in audio read by the author!

NOTE TO WOMEN’S PASTORS: This topic will surely resonate with your audience. Invite Jay to KEYNOTE a one-time event or use the book to inspire a multi-part series on “Supporting and graciously challenging your husband in his role leading the family.” It’s a win-win.

Harvest House Publishers


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