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If God Were Your Life Coach

60 Words of Wisdom from the One Who Knows You Best

Imagine the Creator of the Universe sitting across from you as you map our your day, week, and life. Who better to counsel, encourage, and help you to live fully and make a difference every day than the One who has known you from your very first breath? These sixty coaching sessions offer strategies for success using Scriptural guidance, encouragement, and fresh ideas to propel you into a meaningful life.

Worthy Inspired

Praise for If God Were Your Life Coach

  • "Jay has tapped into something much greater than just the counsel of a life coach. He's invited readers to an encounter with the designer and sustainer of life itself . . . someone whose purpose and deepest desire is to make our journey through this life mind-blowingly abundant and complete."

    - Tom Dewey, Director of Operations, Transforming Center
  • "Encouraging. Honest. Practical. A creative approach to biblical self-examination that felt like a welcomed coaching session. This book will help you evaluate your goals, habits, and motivations in light of God's calling for your life."

    - Todd Cartmell, PsyD, child psychologist and author of '8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids'


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