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Hooray for Grandparents!

Ideas for Keeping Close, Building Traditions, and Creating Last Memories

Hooray for Grandparents celebrates the special role grandparents play in children’s lives and collects 50 ways to build a strong relationship between grandparent and grandchild. It’s filled with fun activities to do together, ways to create your own special traditions, advice on how to support your grandchild in difficult times, and ideas for building a legacy that lives beyond your years. Packaged in a fun and engaging format, with simple, fun, and heartwarming ways to deepen connections across generations, this is full of useful and meaningful ways for grandparents to bond with grandchildren.

BREEZY BOOK FOR GRANDPARENTS: This book captures the celebratory and grandchild-focused aspects of the special relationship in a format that works for grandparents who looking for something simple but meaningful.

GREAT GIFT: There are countless gifting moments for grandparents throughout the year and this book is the perfect gift for all of them, whether it’s for new grandparents-to-be or grandparents who have been enjoying their status for years. With plenty of ideas for enjoying a strong relationship for the long haul, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate a special grandparent any time of year.

Perfect for:
Grandparents; grandmothers; and grandfathers
Friends and family of grandparents and grandparents-to-be
New parents looking to share the news or celebrate with grandparents-to-be

ADDITONAL ENGAGEMENT: As a national speaker, the author is available for interactive presentations and book readings for social organizations and senior groups on request.

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Praise for Hooray for Grandparents!

  • Father of five and grandfather of many, Payleitner (The Newlywed Year) presents ideas for creating a legacy to last through generations. He advocates the creation of warm and fuzzy traditions, sharing the importance of even simple gestures such as a thumbs-up at the end of each video chat or texting a weekly joke to each grandchild. He evaluates the benefits of both living close or far away from grandchildren and ideas for keeping them near to one's heart in either situation. He also suggests ways to discuss one's own hard-earned life lessons and examines several topics, such as keeping a bucket list of experiences to have with grandchildren, choosing the right name to be called as a grandparent, and creating kid-friendly spots in one's home for play and exploration. He also offers ideas for helping grandchildren grow in their talents, while also sharing your unique legacy with them. VERDICT Questions and activities abound in this book. Most grandparents will find guidance that resonates for their unique situation.

    - Library Journal
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