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Girl Dad

A Father-Daughter Duo Discuss Truths that Impact a Girls Heart. Mind, and Spirit

A note from Rae Anne and Jay:

When you flip through the pages of our book you will find a story that weaves together two distinctive viewpoints to accomplish one distinctive goal: helping Girl Dads everywhere better love, support, challenge, and encourage their daughters.

Jay will take you through his journey as a father and the many lessons, anecdotes, and strategies he has collected along the way. Rae Anne will balance that perspective with that of a daughter – and everything she has experienced, discovered, and believes.

With two clear voices – Jay laying the foundation for each chapter and Rae Anne adding Reality Checks, Dear Rae Anne responses, and About My Dad commentary – there is often a contradictory and oppositional feel to this book. But never fear, we are both fighting the same fight. Approaching each idea from two sides is what this book is about, because if the Girl and Dad in question can’t empathize with each other, the relationship will never flourish the way God designed it

We take you on journey through several larger than life concepts that stretch from the idealistic discussion of Your Daughter’s Hopes and Dreams to the challenging reality of Your Daughter’s Brokenness. This book, we warn you, is not meant only for the baby girl in her crib or the toddler hosting a tea party, but for every season of the father-daughter relationship.

We want to give dads the right tools to partner with their daughters so that she can become the best version of herself (whatever that might be). We want to help every dad see and love the girl who his daughter is . . . and be prepared for the adventure of discovering who his daughter will become.

Writing this book has brought us even closer.  We trust and pray that reading it – and discussing the issues addressed in each chapter – will do the same for thousands of other dads and daughters.

All that to say, if you’re a GIRL DAD or if you know a GIRL DAD, please pick up a copy or two of our book.  Let us know what you think.  And, post a kind review on Amazon or your favorite social media.  Thanks so much!

Jay Payleitner & Rae Anne Payleitner

Salem Books

Praise for Girl Dad

  • In Girl Dad, Jay and his daughter, Rae Anne lift the lid on the father-daughter relationship, to reveal the richness, depth and challenges that lie within. It is an uplifting and important read for any father or daughter who wants to deepen their relationship.

    - Dr. Meg Meeker, internationally known pediatrician and best-selling author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: Ten Secrets Every Father Needs to Know
  • As we’ve come to expect, Jay delivers welcome insight and common sense for fathers. But what makes this book shine is how his daughter, Rae Anne, follows up with her own real world advice that delivers a mandate for men to come alongside their growing daughters with love, faith, and even courage.

    - Josh McDowell, international speaker, apologist, and author of more than one hundred books including More Than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict.
  • Girl Dad is the best book Jay Payleitner has ever written. And there’s only one explanation for this upgrade: his daughter Rae Anne! She says things her dad can’t. So if you’re a dad who’s ready to learn about your daughter from a straight-shooter who gives the inside scoop on dilemmas you’ve faced and questions you’ve had in raising her, Rae Anne will become your new favorite life coach.

    - Michelle Watson Canfield, PhD, LPC, Author of Let’s Talk: Conversation Starters for Dads and Daughters and host of “The Dad Whisperer” podcast
  • Rae Anne Payleitner’s book, Girl Dad, written with her dad Jay, is outstanding. Rae shares fresh truths to dads of daughters, which are “spot on.” Her poignant and honest insights will inspire you as a dad or be a great gift to a dad of a daughter. I highly recommend you get this book!

    - Ken Canfield, PhD., Founder, National Center for Fathering
  • I cheered when my dear friend Kobe Bryant popularized the term “Girl Dad.” And I’m delighted to say that Jay Payleitner and his daughter, Rae Anne, have captured the same vision with a book that will help create a lasting and eternal bond between countless fathers and daughters.

    - Pat Williams, NBA Hall of Famer and author of Who Coached the Coaches?
  • Jay Payleitner's latest book, Girl Dad, isn't just his latest book. He's 'gone and done' something dangerous that few authors have been brave enough to attempt. Not only has he asked for an opinion, but he's asked his daughter's opinion on each subject he covers in this book. It is fresh, real, and at times raw as his daughter Rae Anne kindly disagrees or "tweaks" his advice and it works amazingly well. If you're a dad with a daughter and have wanted a book to help you parent your daughter, this is the one.

    - Todd Wilson, founder of Familyman Ministries and
  • In a world that often devalues the father/daughter relationship, the Payleitner writing team shows us just why it’s so important. Jay provides a practical roadmap on how to love and encourage daughters, no matter how old they are. And Rae Anne adds a unique perspective that’s both revealing and immensely valuable. This book is a must read for every father who wants to raise confident and godly daughters.

    - Scott W. Kirk, Award winning actor, playwright, and author
  • Jay may be a veteran author on relationships, but Rae Anne is the superhero of this book. Her extraordinary insight takes this inspired book to heights a father can’t reach on his own. After 52 years, I’ve finally developed a deep and trusting relationship with my daughter Amy. This book gives younger “Girl Dads” a practical and heavenly head start on creating a lifelong loving relationship with their daughter or daughters.

    - C. Marsh Bull, President of Men’s Group Foundation and author of Saving the Corporate Animal: One Soul at a Time
  • As dads, we know our daughter will always be our “little girl,” but the reality is that we had better learn to mature in relationship with her as she matures. That takes commitment and intentionality. Jay and Rae Anne have provided great insight for that rewarding journey. The charge to dads is to read this book with your daughter and commit to building the healthy relationship every daughter wants with her dad.

    - Rick Wertz, Founder and President of Faithful Fathering
  • As always, Jay has invested time processing the many aspects of family life. This time with his daughter, Rae Anne, by his side, he shares valuable tips to enhance our relationship as dads with our daughters.

    - Dan Seaborn, President and Founder of Winning At Home, Inc.
  • Girls are different from boys – it’s just true! So being a ‘girl dad’ will be different from being a ‘boy dad’. Thank the Lord that we have experienced tandems like Jay Payleitner and his sweet daughter, Rae, to share their learned insights so that we may follow their path and not have to learn every lesson the hard way. I am so grateful for Girl Dad!

    - Brian Doyle, Founder and President of Iron Sharpens Iron and father of three boys and two girls
  • Practical, honest, and real, Girl Dad is a gift to fathers raising girls. As a father of four daughters of my own, this book has encouraged and equipped me to be the dad my girls really need. Thank you Jay and Rae Anne for teaming up to support dads and serve daughters so well.

    - Jon Bechtle, Executive Pastor, ChapelStreet Church
  • This captivating book is the Payleitner-Daddy-Daughter-Pay-Stub into the very heart of their home movie life together. The intentional script they first co-wrote on each other’s hearts in real life, is now showcased for us on paper in this inspirational collection of home-grown clips. With winsome creativity, this Payleitner pair reminds us to actually do what we already intuitively know: if we Dads don’t intentionally connect with our daughters . . . someone else will.

    - Dr. Emmett Cooper, Founder and President of and Author of The HoneyWord Bible
  • Never underestimate the power of a father in a girl's life. Dads are under attack in our culture which explains why so many things are going wrong. This practical and wise book will help dads find their footing again in the home and in the hearts of their daughters. You'll learn what to say, how to say it, when to tap out, and when to swoop in for the save. I especially love the reality checks in each chapter by Jay's daughter, Rae Anne.

    - Arlene Pellicane, host of the “Happy Home” podcast and author of Parents Rising
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