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52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives

What Wives Can Do to Build a Stronger Marriage

“I don’t always understand what he needs or wants from me.” Most wives want a heart-to-heart connection with their husbands. But men often communicate their needs in ways that seem strange to women. How to bridge the gap?

Straight from a veteran dad and husband come these insightful, unexpected, and occasionally offbeat ideas. Bestselling author Jay Payleitner digs deep to give practical insight into how a woman can

  • see the ways her husband does want to connect…which may be different than what she expects
  • encourage him―not overwhelm him―with her words
  • understand why sex is such a big deal
  • make space for him to step up and participate in family life
  • be alert to his “hero moments” and respect and appreciate him

A husband does want to be close to his wife. Here are great steps to strengthening a marriage by making room for that closeness to happen.

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Praise for 52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives

  • "Jay's giving away our secrets, and we thank him for it. This is an insightful read, directed to women but educational for all of us, and a practical, user-friendly tool for any wife wanting to better understand the creature she's joined to."

    - Joe Dallas, author and speaker
  • "My husband and I were on the 15-year plan…taking almost 15 years before we began to understand one another. I wouldn’t recommend that plan for anyone. Instead I would wholeheartedly recommend Jay Payleitner’s book 52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives. Wives―read it, apply it, and begin today to understand the man in your life."

    - Kendra Smiley, speaker and author of 'Do Your Kids a Favor… Love Your Spouse' and other books
  • "As wives, we can choose to be encouragers for our husbands just as much as we can choose to be discouragers. Jay Payleitner gives us the inside scoop on what every husband needs. His biblically based perspective and end-of-the-chapter takeaways make this book a practical relationship builder for any couple."

    - Karol Ladd, author of 'Positive Life Principles for Women'
  • "Very to the point of what a woman needs to know about her man. After reading these 52 insights, you will better understand that your spouse isn’t so weird after all."

    - Emilie Barnes, speaker, author, and founder of 'More Hours In My Day'


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