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101 Things Great Dads Do

Small Acts That Make a Big Difference

What Does It Take to Be a Great Dad? Action!

If being a great dad doesn’t come natural to you, welcome to the club. No guy has fatherhood totally figured out, and that’s okay. What matters are the small, consistent steps you take to show your kids you care and you are there.

Bestselling author Jay Payleitner shares 101 creative ways you can love, teach, and lead your children. Unleash the great dad within when you

  • stop and catch the fireflies, even while wearing a three-piece suit
  • give horsey rides instead of spending money on Disney World
  • trigger traditions (If you don’t keep them, who will?)
  • explain syzygy (Don’t worry, it will be explained to you first.)
  • teach your kids how to love and be loved by knowing the source of love

…and try 96 other amazingly dad-doable tasks!

Join other aspiring awesome fathers in walking the talk every day in simple yet powerful ways.

Harvest House Publishers

Praise for 101 Things Great Dads Do

  • I’ve always loved Jay’s take on fatherhood and recommend his stuff to my two married sons, each of whom is a father to four. 101 Things Great Dads Do offers a lot more tools for your parenting utility belt.

    - Jerry B. Jenkins, bestselling author and coauthorof the Left Behind series
  • Dads are, quite simply, the most powerful force in the universe—just look at our heavenly Father. Dads have the power to create, energize, encourage, inspire, heal, correct, rescue, forgive, and teach unforgettable lessons. Jay Payleitner gives us 101 reminders of just how cool it is to be a dad.

    - Brett Clemmer, president and CEO, Man in the Mirror
  • Jay’s book is inspiring and practical! If you want to be a great dad, you just found a jackpot of ideas that lead to connections that can make a lasting impact!

    - David Horsager, bestselling author and CEO, Trust Edge Leadership Institute
  • Very few things exceed the importance and joy that come with being a dad. Jay's words offer crucial and practical insight, helping us firmly establish life lessons and create eternal memories with our children.

    - Matt Haviland, author of A Father’s Walk and founder of A Father's Walk ministry


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