Avoiding Dilbert’s To-Do List Overload

Poor Dilbert.

Opening today’s newspaper, I see Scott Adam’s beloved character wrestling with a challenge that’s all too common: Way too much on our human to-do list.

Like Dilbert, your to-do list gets longer every day, right?

Change your oil. See the dentist. Back up your computer. Change the furnace filter. Book a hotel room for that out-of-town wedding. Re-negotiate your student loan. Clean out your desk. Clean out the fridge. Get your passport. Download those photos. Renew your library card. Replace your toothbrush. Test the smoke alarms.  Update your CV.  Etcetera.

Well here’s an idea. What if you set aside your to-do list and, instead, focused on things that might be on God’s to-do list?

For example, things that nudge you (or inspire you) to live more in line with God’s plan for your life. Things that matter. Things that lead to less stress and more joy. Things that lead to achievements and triumphs you never thought possible.

With that in mind, dare I suggest grabbing a copy of my latest book, What If God Wrote Your To-Do List?

The new release is actually a sequel to What If God Wrote Your Bucket List?  While that recent bestseller delivers things to do before you kick the bucket, “To-Do List” imagines valuable strategies that have a little more urgency. Stuff to consider first thing in the morning, before the sun sets or sometime in the next week or so.

Your own to-do list is still legit. You should have a passport and library card. Take care of your teeth. That fuzzy lump in the back of the refrigerator needs to get tossed. But that’s all routine maintenance.

You, my friend, were designed, created, and placed on this earth for so much more. What you really want to focus on is stuff that leads to greatness. That’s what you’ll find on God’s to-do list for your very near future.

Just to confirm. I don’t know Scott Adams. I was quite surprised to see Dilbert wrestling with his to-do list in today’s paper. But maybe it’s not a coincidence. Maybe in tomorrow’s comic strip Dilbert will see the light.  Wouldn’t that be wild?

Blessings all,

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