Am I making too much of this?

Most mornings I sit down with my iPad and peruse the Chicago Tribune. Today, March 22, 2023, two stories on the same page in the “Arts & Living” section made me a little sad. Maybe this just confirms my role as an out-of-touch old fuddy. I’m curious what you think.

Initially, I was delighted to read that U2 was re-releasing some new interpretations of some of their classics. Re-imagining their arena rock megahits in a style that is more acoustic and thoughtful sounds awesome. Unfortunately, one of my favorite lines in any song ever is being replaced. In the song “Pride (In the Name of Love)” the lyrics “one man betrayed with a kiss” is now “one boy never will be kissed.” Hmmmm.

Below that article was a story on the latest installment of “Star Trek.” I’m not a huge fan, but I’m certainly aware of the classic series. The franchise has always been family friendly and the article confirms that point. But — in a recent taping on the famous command post bridge — Patrick Stewart ad libbed the F-word in one of his takes. The producers thought it was “powerful” and “so real,” so they kept it in. I know streaming services are going over the top when it comes to language, sex, and violence. But Star Trek? Really? Is nothing safe or sacred anymore?

I don’t want to be an alarmist. But as an observer — and contributor — to the culture wars, I just wanted to share this news. Or maybe it’s not news at all.

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