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Best Selling Author & National Speaker

Jay Payleitner is a nationally-known speaker and writes easy-to-read, hard-to-put-down, make-you-think books.

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I don't use big words, but I try to convey big ideas.

From a podium, in your favorite comfy chair, at your laptop, at a roundtable. Somehow, my mischievous words often bring a smile.

It might be a smile of appreciation at a fresh insight you can apply to your life. Or a smile of recognition because you saw yourself in one of my quirky stories. Or a smile that easily morphs into a laugh.

For sure, I address serious topics. But, the ultimate goal is for lightness and light to shine through.

Maybe think of my work as never boring and possibly life changing.

The Prayer of Agur Book Cover
Jay's Newest Release

The Prayer of Agur

A prayer for balance, contentment, and pupose. A plan for you to live in God’s sweet spot.

"The mission of marriage is to help each other chase your dreams."

"As indicated by the title, this book is about Jesus. But the main character is you."

"Every kid’s first hero is their father. It's up to you to keep earning that title every season of life."

"What if God wrote your bucket list?"

"God wants you living in your sweet spot. If you can dance, dance. If you can plant, plant. If you can lead, lead. If you can hug, hug."

"One day you will look back on your life and it will all make sense, but for now you’ll just have to trust Me."

"The boy saw the flat world for exactly what it was: A momentary threshold to the rest of eternity."


Best Selling Author

More than 25 books published and a half million sold.

National Speaker

Any group. Any time. Covering a lot of ground.


“With an enjoyable, non-preachy approach, Jay Payleitner gently challenges us to get out of our own way. A great read and a great blessing.”

- Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus

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